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Welcome to, all inclusive, Windows 2000, One Plan Hosting provider! We offer you a full-featured, cost-effective hosting plan as low as $10.00 per month.

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Thank you for choosing Superzone as your Business Class service provider.

DNS Servers
Primary DNS Name:
Secondary DNS Name:
Domain Name Technical Contact
Technical Contact Name: DNS-Admin, Superzone
Company Name: Superzone, Inc.
Address: 4516 Arlen Drive
City, State Zip Code: Plano, TX 75093
Country: United States
Contact Email:
Email Hosting
If you would like to leave your domain name hosted by a service other than Superzone, but you would like us to host your email, please have the hosting service point the email to our mail server IP address. You must make sure the DNS hosting service uses this IP address for your PRIMARY mail exchange resource record (also know as an MX record). Please also notify us at that you are doing this so we can set the account up on our server.

Superzone Mail Server:

If Superzone is hosting your domain name, please set up your email accounts using the following example format.

Email address:
Account name/username:
Password: your personal email password
POP3 Server:
SMTP Server:
IMAP Server:

To view Windows email client setup information go to the link below.

Web Mail
If you would like to view your domain emails using a web browser, use the following link to go to Superzone's Web Mail page.

Hosted domain mail example:

Email address:
Account name/username:
Password: your personal email password
Web Space
Your web space included with your account is activated upon request. To access your web space, you will need an FTP address, username, and password. An email containing your username and password is sent to the email address given to Superzone at the time of your initial order after your Web Site has been confirmed live.

Please use the following information to connect and view your web space.

FTP Host Name:
Username: username
Password: your personal email password

You will need an FTP program to connect to your web space. Store your web site in the Web folder and name your home page Default.asp. To view your site, use the following link with your domain name.

If you have not received your username and password, and your web site is configureded and working, please contact Tech Support by email at Include your Customer #, Name / Company name, Street address and a phone number to verify your identity.

  • Configuring e-mail client to receive e-mails

    IMPORTANT: If you read your mail on more than one computer, be sure you do not use a POP client to work with your email after you begin using IMAP. If you do, you run the risk of deleting your mail from the server. Once you have converted to IMAP on one computer, you should reconfigure your other POP clients for IMAP before using them to connect to the mail server.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    The frequently asked questions (FAQ) area is a collection of many questions and how-to's. You will find this area very useful.

  • Questions, Comments & Suggestions

    Need to report a problem to Technical Support or ask a question to Related Department?

    Please E-Mail us should you have questions regarding an issue not listed.

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